Our work in Nigeria has expanded from three to 24 states! That means we need your help to provide school supplies to the communities we serve so that the children can get a better education.

In the rural areas and villages, many children need basic things like shoes, school uniforms, pens, pencils, and exercise books. Schools need seats for the pupils to sit, instead of the floor or on makeshift seating under trees. Teachers also need tables and chairs, and essential equipment to do their job well—training the next generation.

Some villages are so remote that their only means of help is through the local church in their communities. In 2017, Promisedland focused on getting wells for various communities. In 2018, our focus is school projects, which include small repairs to roofs, floors walls, windows annd desks, and getting students much needed essentials— exercise books, backpacks, school uniforms.

You donations help to support the work of the local church their communities.

$25: School Books for 10 Students
$50: Three Mattresses for a Clinic
$100: Leadership Training Materials for 50 Pastors
$250: Desks for 25 Students
$500: Well for a Small Village 

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