The Promisedland Mandate

OUR VISION is to mobilize Christians, individuals, churches, and organizations to put their faith into action, and find practical ways to transform their communities to release the tremendous potential in our nation. God has invested many gifts and abilities in each citizen of Nigeria. He also placed a variety of natural resources, cash crops, and industries in the nation.

OUR MISSION is to run transformation seminars for pastors and leaders living in Nigeria and inspire them to discover God-given strategies for the rebuilding of their communities, in all thirty-six states of the nation; to make presentations to Nigerians living abroad, to inspire them to participate in rebuilding Nigeria by using their professional skills, in forums for idea exchange with their peers and counterparts in Nigeria; to execute community projects that meet needs in the rural communities and inspire others to do the same either by initiating projects or by financially supporting Promisedland projects.

PROMISEDLAND CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is as an NGO in Nigeria. We work hand in hand with Promisedland Ministries to execute their mission around Nigeria, which is to mobilize pastors and leaders to doing acts of faith to transform their communities.

PCF receives funding from Promisedland Ministries. Therefore, they are financially accountable and are required to provide annual reports for all seminars and project executed each year.

Through the Foundation, the work of Promisedland has extended into 30 states of Nigeria. State representatives are mandated to take the message of transformation to different communities in all local governments within their states. They also do community inspections to identify areas of need in each community.


Promisedland Ministries
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