How you can help


The prayer team provides daily prayer coverage for the needs of the ministry. As a member of the team, you are assigned a day to pray for the pastors, seminars, projects and other needs. The team also pray for the needs of the ministry and the missions.


Our volunteers support the fundraising programs run by the organization. Help is required for light administrative work, social media updates, newsletters, ticket sales and helping at events. We also need those who are willing to go with us on mission trips to Nigeria.

Valentine’s Breakfast
Bowling Fundraiser 
Folklorama Display
Zumba Fun Fundraiser
Walk/Run Activity and Fundraiser
End-of-Year Ministry Presentation 


Our donors support financially support on-going projects and seminars. Donations can be directed to a specific or special project, so that they can have a direct connection to the work they are supporting in Nigeria. Nigerian associations and community groups living abroad may consider funding a well or school project in a town or village of their choice.

$50: Backpacks for 10 Students
$50: Three Mattresses for a Clinic
$50: Send 25 Pastors to Seminars
$500: Well for a Small Village 


To send or to go? Nothing beats being there yourself. Take time out to teach, train, mentor, or build. Come with us on a mission trip for a life-changing experience. Signup for information or to go with the team.


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