Transformation Seminars 
Leaders learn how to transform communities by training their congregation to use their gifts and talents to tackle challenges within their communities, by applying Nehemiah Principles.

Leadership Seminars 
Leaders learn how to develop individuals into godly and capable leaders, before releasing them into the society, based on tried and tested leadership qualities from the Bible.

Marriage Seminars
Couples learn how to use Biblical principles to build marriages that lasts, using the Married for Life course by 2=1 International, with relevant personal examples and object lessons.

Financial Seminars 
Leaders learn how to be good and faithful stewards and teach their congregations how to be accountable to God, based on study material developed by Crown Financial Ministries.

Youth seminars  
Based on the teachings of Don & Katie Fortune, as laid out in their book, Discovering Your God-Given Gifts, youth and young adults learn to identify their motivational gifts and how to use them through the various seasons of life.

Prayer Seminar  
Teaches leaders how to mobilize their church to pray. Individuals learn who they are in Christ, how to pray, and how to listen for instructions.
Seminars for Professionals  
Professionals in different fields of study are encouraged to make time to use their skills to serve their comĀ­munities through coaching, teaching, mentoring, and skills-transfer activities.

Information Sessions  
These are short slide show presentations to invite individuals and groups to join in the mission of Promisedland, or to find opportnities on their own, to participate in mission trips. 

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